Events & Activities

HACC meetings are the first Monday of every month August through June from 6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M. at Ore Creek Middle School Library, 3250 Hartland Rd.

Memorial Day Parade Volunteers Welcome
The Hartland Area Community Council has launched the planning for the 2018 Memorial Day Parade! If you have ever wondered what it takes to put on a community parade with over 100 floats or other units that is seen by thousands, we need you! This is an all-volunteer effort and is not supported by funding from any area agency or institution. The advertisements and sponsors in the Memorial Day Parade booklet fund this event each year, along with the proceeds from the fly-over buttons, donations of cash, and a lot of work.

Have you ever wanted to tell everyone where to drive and where to park? We've got a spot for you! Have you wanted to get your feet wet in learning how to put together an advertising-funded annual publication filled with great stories honoring our veterans? We've got a spot for you! More than 100 volunteers are needed to make it happen and there are experienced parade workers that will help you learn the ropes. And, even if you always go away for Memorial Day – there are volunteer jobs that need doing and finishing up before the parade. But, once involved, you will probably want to see this inspiring community event!

Interested, but cannot make a Community Council meeting at the Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek? Email Ceci Marlow at or Larry Ciofu at We will connect you with the right, best position that will make the 2018 parade the very best it can be!

Place an advertisement in the 2018 Parade Book

Apply to be an vendor in Epley Park

Be a part of this years Parade


Luminary Walk

In 2003, Hartland added another event to its Memorial Day activities, a Luminary Walk in the Hartland Cemetery on the Sunday evening before Memorial Day. The event has grown to several hundred participants. Luminaries are placed at the grave sites of all veterans; at several of these graves, re-enactors, friends, families and fellow veterans teach attendees about the veterans and their contribution to our freedom.

The sight of the luminary candles at veteran’s graves as daylight fades and the stories shared at the grave sites are very moving and really set the stage for Memorial Day. Hartland (especially its young people) benefits from this educational opportunity and shows appreciation for the many sacrifices made by all of those who served.

Memorial Day Parade

Abraham Lincoln said "Any nation that does not honor its hero's will not long endure."

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. It is a time to honor those who died in service to our nation, from the Revolutionary War to the present. Hartland takes this opportunity to honor the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have proudly served our nation and have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free. For over 230 years – from the Revolution to the Global War on Terrorism – our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, have always been willing to fight, and in many cases die, for our freedom and the way of life we enjoy.

Learn more about our annual festivities and history behind our Memorial Day Parade.

Heritage Day

Heritage Day is a celebration of the legacy and traditions of Hartland residents past and present. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 19th. All are welcome to participate in this annual festival celebrating the unique history of the Hartland area. Events include a quilt show, Music Hall tours and concerts, a petting zoo, old-time board games, live music,car and tractor show and village and cemetery tours. Join us for fellowship and fun. Please let us know if you have a special talent or hobby that would enhance this important community event.

View our 2015 Heritage Day photo contest winners!


Epley Park Playscape

Phase One of the Epley Park Playground is complete. Equipment was purchased from Sinclair Recreation; fixtures were assembled and installed by volunteers from Community Council and local residents. Purchase of brick pavers to help fund the project has been in progress since 2005; the Memorial Brick Walk was installed during the time the play equipment was assembled. Thanks to our key sponsors and members of the community who contributed funds and/or time and effort to make this dream a reality. Sponsors for the equipment purchase include The Heartland Foundation, Hartland Area Community Council, Cromaine District Library, WHMI FM 93.5 and Dynamic Technology Inc. Without the help of these key sponsors, the playground could not have been completed at this time. THANK YOU! This play facility is available for all visitors to Epley Park.

There is still time for others to be involved in this playground project. Additional funding will be used to add components to the existing facility. Periodically, new Memorial Bricks that are purchased will be added to the walk. Purchase a Memorial Brick Today!

Neighborhood Watch

Congratulations to the Hartland village community on the implementation of the Neighborhood Watch program. In cooperation with the Livingston County Sheriff and support from the Hartland Area Community Council, Neighborhood Watch was implemented in early 2003. Signs are posted at each entrance to the settlement area. An article in the Detroit News (January 9, 2003) acknowledged the new Watch program.

In order for the Watch program to be successful, residents and neighbors need to watch and call. Do not try to personally interfere – that is the job of law enforcement. Just call 911 to report anything suspicious.

The Neighborhood Watch program is only possible through the support and participation of the community in meeting the criteria. A booklet at Cromaine Library contains tips on maintaining a healthy Watch Program, recognizing suspicious activity, suspect identification, home security (doors/locks/windows) and personal security.

Hartland Walkability Studies

In the late 1990’s the Township received a SEMCOG grant for a “walkability” study. Among the issues noted by the commentator was the lack of sidewalks in the entire settlement area, no crosswalks, and parking obstructing the sidewalk in the small business area. With the construction of the new Hartland High School (opened at the beginning of the 2003-2004 school year), Community Council was concerned that the additional vehicle traffic from the school complex would negatively impact the safety of pedestrians (students and residents alike) in the village. The lack/condition of sidewalks impacts many residents who have no individual mail delivery, walk to school, the library, the Music Hall or church.

Walkability workshops for community residents and officials were held with Dan Barden and Ramon Trias in the summer of 2003. Recommendations from these workshops included the following suggestions:

  • Add visual clues (brick striping, bulb-outs, etc.) to slow down traffic.

  • Create a central public space with architecturally interesting buildings (suggested for the corner of School Street and Avon).

  • Improve non-vehicular traffic by adding sidewalks and bike lanes, and repairing existing sidewalks.

  • Improve storm drains to allow more street-side parking.

  • Improve street lighting.

  • Plant trees or other landscaping to create a “gateway entry” into the village on Hartland Road between Crouse Road and Spranger Field.

  • Put utilities underground from Crouse Road to the Library.

  • Refine on-street parking.

  • Work closely with Livingston County Road Commission for road improvements.

A written summary of the workshops was forwarded to Hartland Township officials for planning considerations. Additional information regarding walkable communities may be found here. The site contains information for developing and/or /improving a pedestrian friendly community design.

Representatives of Hartland Area Community Council and Hartland Area Historical Society, worked with the Livingston County Road Commission to obtain crosswalks at several settlement locations. These crosswalks have been installed. The Commission also conducted a road count/survey of the Avon/Maple Road intersection to support a requested 3-way stop at the intersection. This intersection has been redesigned as a 3-way stop including a planting area on the southeast corner.